The 2002 Hofner 500/1 Violin "Cavern" Bass

The back of the Cavern bass body showing colour and flame, the body is flat, not dished like the 500/1 1964 version and is two piece. The neck heel is covered in pearl.

This is a full shot of the back of the bass showing the 3 - piece unbound neck

The Cavern Bass Hofner Decal and pearloid 'rugby ball' tuners

The Cavern Bass and its Case

The beautiful finish of this Hofner. Note the Hofner strap that goes through the gap between the neck and body and ties at the back. Also note that this guitar differs from the 1964 Hofner in that it has no fret marker dot on the 21st fret.

Looking down the guitar neck.

The Hofner 'Diamond' Pickups both mounted towards the neck and the Hofner Flat-Wound bass strings


Case Closed!

The back of the Hofner 500/1 Cavern Bass headstock showing the seperate open back tuners compared to the 1964 500/1's strip tuners.