The Ludwig 1963 Black Oyster Pearl Super Classic shown with its Ludwig flat base 1400 cymbal stands. Gretsch, Rickenbacker and Voxes stand by. A Ludwig Spur Lock Hi Hat stand has recently been purchased to complete this drum kit to Ringo Starr specification. See below for more detailed picture of this beautiful vintage drum kit.

The Ludwig Super Classic in the studio setting for The Beatalls recent 2002 recording sessions. The drum kit records excellently with full toms and kick drum.

The 1963 Black Oyster Pearl Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit with 2002 reissue Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare.

The tom rail mounting, parts of this hardware have now been restored.

Front view of this fantastic Ludwig drum kit owned by Steve Heappey of The Beatalls showing skin number one now fitted to Steves 1967 Ludwig drum kit.

A side view of the Super Clasic showing a clear view of the Reissue Jazz Festival Black Oyster Pearl snare drum.

A close-up of the floor toms damping mechanism, these units a rare to find in such good working condition. This shot also shows the original white paint on the inside of all Ludwig Super Classic drum kits and the chrome plated nickel rims.

A close up of the keystone badge on the kits floor tom, photo also gives a good view of this original Black Oyster Pearl covering. This early verion of the colour is often mistaken for Blue Oyster.

The Ludwig keystone badge on the rack tom, photo also shows the outstanding condition of the original 1963 chrome-ware.